Lone Lake Road

Deputy Roger Wilkie's curiosity about Lone Lake Road's mysteries leads to a startling discovery: a peculiar recluse and a tangled web of kidnapping, witchcraft, and a journey into the murky past of early settlers.

Lone Lake Road Book


Whidbey Island is invaded by a psychopath who wants to poison the population. The O'Malleys and friends join forces to stop him. With unpredictable twists and turns, the challenge of apprehending the evildoer is thwarted by the storm of the century. But the amateur sleuths are determined to catch the villain before it's too late.

Punch Down

A spur-of-the-moment road trip by the O’Malleys thrusts them into the middle of familial revenge and chaos. From the vineyards of Walla Walla to the pastoral quietude of Whidbey Island, the husband-and-wife team ends up defending their friends against a pair of unlikely, but lethal adversaries.

Punch Down - 3D


Somehow, someway the O’Malleys have found themselves in the thick of things once again. On peaceful, bucolic Whidbey Island, they become entangled in a corporate plot to stifle a paradigm-shattering discovery, one that promises to upend conventional thinking, topple markets, and create an entirely new industry.

Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure

Little Dirt Road

A notorious drug lord and a nondescript enforcer with freakish hell-raising skills invade the peaceful Pacific Northwest island—where not even the friendly locales and free-roaming long-eared rabbits can soften his homicidal heart.

Little Dirt Road - 3D


If you like to mix a little reality into your fiction, then you’ll enjoy this clever offering. This tongue-in-cheek tale of fiction is based loosely on real people and places. Come and find out where this adventure will take you.


Jewel thieves, hero dogs, white separatists and interior designers make for a tongue in cheek tale of murder and mayhem among the members of a not so exclusive country club.The story, sarcastic and irreverent at times, revolves around interior designers Kevin and Jenne O’Malley who seem to have a knack for attracting trouble.

Books-Scattered-Table-alt (1)

When we sold our interior design firm in 2018 after twenty-three years in business, I found I had a little time on my hands.

I thought it might be fun to tell some of the stories and experiences I had, first as a kid and later on during my business career. The blog entries are all actual events; the books maybe not so much.

My wife and I spent a couple of years in Southern Utah before moving back to the Northwest, to Whidbey Island; both are the locations for Little Dirt Road. The south end of the island is a quiet, pastoral place that we thoroughly enjoy.

The characters in my books are purely fictional, with any similarities being unintentional. However, the names may or may not be the names of actual people. Sometimes I sneak a few in there.

The O’Malleys are a fictional couple, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that, once in a while, a scene or two seems all too familiar.

Lone Lake Road is the latest; I hope you enjoy it.

My Blog

Happy Twelfth, Jimmy

In honor of his twelfth year, I delivered a birthday story to our grandson, from the old days:   Hi Jimmy, Happy twelfth birthday!! I thought I’d write a little story for you. A long time ago there was a twelve-year-old kid who lived with his eight brothers and sisters in a tiny three-bedroom house. …
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Jim, Again

A couple of posts ago I talked about my buddy, Jim, the fanatical golf course superintendent from Ohio. The guy is still talked about in the Northwest Ohio chapter of the association, a true legend. One afternoon on a crisp fall day Jim decided to take a scythe to the tall clumps of grass along…
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The Game

Golfers come in all ages, sizes and genders. Some folks have only played for a few years, some have only recently taken up the game. For a lot of us though, we’ve been playing regularly for 30, 40, 50 years or more. And, for those of us in the latter category, it’s probably the most…
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My Buddy, Jim

When I first entered the workforce in the early 70’s, after my two-year stint with Uncle Sam, I ended up working for the golf course division of OM Scott & Sons. I moved to Ohio, settled in Norwalk, and began my career as a certified agronomist calling on golf course superintendents throughout northwestern Ohio. During…
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Caddy Pads

When you’re the second oldest of a large Irish Catholic family you learn to improvise in almost any situation. As has been previously mentioned, my caddying career began around age ten – near as I can remember. Every Monday a “caddy school” was in session. This consisted of one of the older caddies or one…
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Just Enjoy It

Years ago, my son, Teddy, and I took a trip to Ireland. He had just graduated from high school; I was a newly divorced single dad and it seemed like a good opportunity for some male bonding. Being of Irish heritage, I was looking forward to visiting the Emerald Isle for the first time. Teddy,…
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