Witches on Whidbey Island

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Deputy Roger Wilkie always wondered about those curves on Lone Lake Road. His discovery of a strange little man living off the land leads to a kidnapping, a family with a history of witchcraft, and a journey to a time when early settlers were less than heroes. After moving to Whidbey Island for a quieter, more peaceful life following his stint as a decorated detective with the LAPD, his bucolic lifestyle is interrupted by a case that takes him further out of his comfort zone than he could have imagined. Along with his trusty assistant, Wally, they become a participant in a history-altering event. It’s another quirky adventure with the cast of Whidbey Islanders.

Join Deputy Roger Wilkie on an adrenaline-pumping journey through mystery, witchcraft, and history-altering events in the captivating world of Whidbey Island

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Ted Mulcahey

Ted Mulcahey has lived most of his life in the Pacific Northwest. He is an Army Veteran, sales and marketing VP, entrepreneur, business owner, avid reader, one of nine children, and proud husband who attributes his sense of humor to his mother and his wife.